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We have great cooks on staff, let us cook a home cooked meal for you!

 Our Caregivers

Seniors Choice is a licensed Homemaker Companion Service, is insured and bonded.

Each and every applicant undergoes a thorough screening process. We first conduct an interview of each applicant by a senior staff member. During the interview, we determine the applicant's qualifications, review employer references and relevant work experience.

We are very selective when recruiting our Caregivers and each applicant must complete the following items before we consider them ready for client assignments:

  • Local criminal background check
  • National criminal background check
  • Employer reference check
  • Relevant work experience

Our Caregivers are of all ages, backgrounds and types of personality. This diversity allows us to work with you to select a Caregiver that will be the best fit for your family situation. 

Whether you need someone that is a take-charge personality, a conversationalist or someone who is more low keyed and quiet, we will work with you during the initial assessment to find that “special” fit.

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